Remba's founder Rachel Burney had spent years working in the realms of relief, development and advocacy work within several African countries before asking what she could contribute to long term. A midst working with a non profit Invisible Children and attending Paul Mitchell, it was on a trip to a war torn region in Uganda, that she realized the cultural love and esteem these African regions held for beauty, self image and hair care. It was in graduating from Paul Mitchell months later that she was presented with the opportunity to work with an organization empowering women in Kigali, Rwanda, interested in the exploration of starting a beauty school. She spent the majority of 2008 & 2009 doing research and development in the beauty industries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. It was in working in a local Kigali salon, teaching hair styling, interviewing the best of African stylists, and growing close to women deeply entrenched in various forms of sexual exploitation that Remba was born.

Upon returning home to Los Angeles, the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation continued to follow her as the very apparent need across the world for it, became especially real for her in her own backyard. She realized the same was true anywhere: if these women escape, and are even more fortunate to make it through rehabilitation, what then? So many women, from Los Angeles to Africa and everywhere in between would voice

she imagined all that Remba could be. From the thriving and established stylists - to those with the aspiration and dream but few opportunities t the lucrative careers the beauty industry presented and the gap between of bringing quality education. she was inspired to elevate this ever-growing industry to to reflect the beauty and excellence of Africa as it could and should be elevated.


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