beauty iS universal. its power translates across borders and goes deeper than skin or appearances

In every culture around the world, beauty is perceived and translated in countless ways but one thing so vibrantly obvious is its universal value. Within East Africa, beauty is more than a trend to imitate or a pursuit for societal value. It is an expression of self respect and their value of self worth and a reflection of their regard and value for those around them. 


To be a hairstylist or professional in the beauty industry is a position of high stature. They interact with more walks of life and social classes in one day and develop one-of-kind relationships that don't exist otherwise in their client's life. In our research and development conducted over the last few years in several countries, we discovered men get their hair trimmed nearly weekly and women get their hair done at least twice a month. In bringing job skill training to this area, many ask was a beauty school, and so we explain, 

Beauty professionals are giving is so much more than a service. Being a well trained and established professional emanates respect, influence which turn even more so guarantees a lucrative income. 

Beauty restores identity and reminds one of their worth. From the outside in and inside out, we believe it can change lives for the one giving and the one receiving. We want to elevate this thriving, ever growing industry to empower all whom give beauty in it with the best education, resources and networking. 

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