. We believe that to understand an issue,

we must seek out both sides of the story, the surrounding circumstances, and overall history. Hence, we mapped a visual story of trafficking and what we've learned up to this point. 

Trafficking affects every culture and community in the world.

It can be well hidden or vividly on display, depending on the culture, level of tolerance and the laws surrounding it. Though sex trafficking is seen as a sizable issue in other parts of the world, the exponential growth of it in East Africa is hidden beneath other issues, limited in the media and press. In our research and development on the ground, as well as logging existing documentation, we found that though it is a known issue among every community, it is not as formally documented as other parts of the world.  


We have had the privilege of being welcomed into Mtwapa (surburb of Mombasa) alongside a community who is already working with women from these backgrounds. They have a heart is to see this issue of sexual exploitation diminish in their city; and to help redirect and bring healing for every man, woman and child affected by trafficking. We see these survivors not for their past but for their future. They voiced that if their community and the international community could understand the enormity of the issue, they might take part, and support and help to create lasting change for this generation and those to follow.  


Such information shapes our realities and in order to see these overwhelming statistics change, there are many vital parts, people, voices necessary. In creating sustainable change, we must participate, with wisdom and strategy and place where our passions and expertise fit best. Within one of the most pressing issues of our time, there are countless individuals and organizations in the following realms, addressing these vital needs of the process for victims.

Every one of these realms is vital and not one step is more important than the other. We believe in prevention first and foremost; but if and when a victim falls, we believe reintegration is the key to successful, long term healing. We believe that when economical opportunities are elevated for these individuals (or any person, period), though its only apart of the equation, it can help to minimize the precautions of the past. As we build this Academy and pilot its curriculum, we hopeful to build a job skill training and business development that can taken and adapted to other schools and countries. 

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