COMMUNITY / we believe in creating + taking part in a community that believes in, defends and fights for the rights of all people; to make them seen and heard. We believe that in the safety of community, to be known, loved and believed in by one another is the greatest gift we can give.  It is indeed the key to healing and reintegration. It is that support that is essential to igniting and living out one's dreams.

VALUE + WORTH / This is the heartbeat of all we do. At the end of the day, this isn't about external appearance or beauty products and its bigger than a Beauty Academy. We believe every single person has God given value and worth - a destiny and a purpose. We believe the most powerful gift we can give to one another is to love and believe in one another; to call out the true identity and beauty in one another. If there's nothing else we accomplish, then it is our one desire Remba is a source of life that reminds every person who come in contact of this truth.


QUALITY VS QUANTITY /  We desire to help shift the mindset in worldwide development work as well as in our own lives that something is NOT better than nothingthat to love others well is to first love ourselves welland to bring the best we would want and expect for our children. If sacrifice comes at risk of numbers, we will keep this a priority for sustainable quality.


CREATIVITY / in any corner of the world where opportunity lacks, resides the mode of survival. In cultivating environments that provide this - with world class training and resources - this leads to lucrative incomes, where the luxury to dream and the ability to create can be afforded.

LEGACY / we believe the ones who can make significant and lasting change in their cities and countries are natives dedicated to its success and future generations. We desire to affect change in our own culture first and foremost; beginning in our own zip code while having a global perspective. In accepting the invitation to partner with our worldwide family to help create systems and platforms that empower others to thrive indefinitely with interdependence and not co-dependence for generations to come.

HOLISTIC CARE / We believe the healing of the person as a whole - spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally - and providing the quality resources it requires for all aspects of the healing process


LEARN + TEACH / Artistic communities around the world thrive by learning from one another's creative processes, techniques, skills and perspectives. We believe that our success is dependent on one another's encouragement, education and inspiration. We believe in the investment of resources + the exchange of knowledge = power. Empowerment is one of the keys to solving poverty; bringing up economies, improving academic systems, and breaking the cycle of sexual exploitation, and ending wars. We want to create a community that partner to see the other thrive in their skill set elevated through peer education and the training + ability + proficiently to pass it on


ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY / a midst empowering people, we desire to steward our planet well and act responsibility with our resources. In that, we are utilizing a zero-impact design in how the  Academy is constructed down to our everyday practices. We are preparing for longevity and sustainability not only in our practices but in our facilities as well, setting up a foundation for replicable models.


INCLUSIVITY / For every breath and heartbeat in our chests, we believe it is a gift, that we are alive and here for a purpose : we believe that for ourselves and all others. We believe each of us has a role to play that no one else can play while also recognizing we can choose whether or not to engage and whether or not to include others in the story. 


 We believe that there is power in numbers; that when encouragement is chosen over competition; when I am present with you in your story, your success is my mine as well. Though there will always be darkness and light, good and evil in this side of heaven, we know we can actively choose to bring death instead of life with words and actions; that we can contribute to the problem and darkness of our world or be light.


We want to love and to serve every person we come in contact with; to not alienate, label, or be exclusive to any specific groupWe desire to include and empower men just as equally as women. We believe there is something that is brought into alignment and how it was originally meant to be when men empower women and women empower men; that to fully rise up to our fullest potential we need one another. 


We will always seek to shine light people who desire to find a solution; who desire to heal and help others heal.  It is in this that we together can shift atmospheres, transform economies and education systems and influence hearts, minds, policies and lives for lasting change.